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Save energy & materials. We reduce your product weight. We are not afraid to face challenges with our most advanced technologies.
We fully participate in one project from the planning stage to fundamentally review the process. We are always free from the conventional way and suggest innovative ideas to customers as one of the newest pipe processors.



Our all departments, such as Reseach & Development department, Manufacturing department, Quality assurance department, and so on, act on the base of each quality assurance system. However, we never be satisfied with our situation and we promise that we keep on improving our systems day by day.

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Here is our job description in detail.

Pipe Processing


We now mainly manufacture automobile parts by processing pipes. A car is made of tens of thousands of parts and more than a few of these parts are made from pipes. Especially, many pipe processed parts are used in sections such as an automotive power train, an engine, and an exhaust system. We bend, cut, drill, expand and reduce a hard pipe as if it's soft as clay.

Press Working

Our main processing method is press working. We form pipes by pressing from various directions. Pressed parts are welded together and become more complexed parts. These works are performed by our Manufacturing department.

Jig Manufacturing

To perform the press working and the welding as described above, dedicated equipments and jigs are needed. Our Reseach & Development department designs and manufactures those molds and jigs on its own.

Machine Manufacturing

Not only jigs, we also make and sell original pipe forming machines as well. Our development machines make pipe processing much easier with the best quality.

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